Jasper Miles ?/2008 – 05/ 09/2022

Jasper Miles ?/2008 – 05/ 09/2022

Well today is the day I knew was coming and I have been dreading it for some time now. Jasper made his last trip and it was over the rainbow bridge. To say I am heartbroken would be an understatement however it does not take long to realize how lucky I was to have him. So many awesome memories come flooding back.

In 2008 I made a trip to the dog pound in Greensboro just to “look around”! All of a sudden I saw Jasper and it was love at first sight. I asked if I could get him out of his cage and take him to the play area. They had a ball there and I threw it for him but he just sat and stared up at me. Then he jumped up on me and I am not sure why I did it but I picked him up. He immediately put both of his front legs around my neck. He held on so tight that I could let him go and he did not fall. Well of course I was getting this crazy dog.

Move forward a few years and Lyn arrived from Singapore. Of course Jasper loved that. Another person that he could call his own. When she first arrived she could not work and she spent every day with him all day while I was at work. He loved it and so did she. Having him helped her adjust to her new life in America!

Jasper was always so chill and loved everyone he met. One year Lyn and I had a crazy idea to take a tent camping trip across the country. Of course Jasper came along and was the perfect travel dog. He fit right in wherever we went. He never barked at anyone and let hundreds of kids who were on vacation missing their own dogs pet him on the head.

We took many big trips tent/popup camping around the country and even into Canada. Jasper was always at home whether he was in the Prius, the tent or in the occasional Airbnb. He traveled to 48 states and several provinces in Canada. He even had his picture taken at Lassie’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Over the years we hosted eight international students from China and Jasper welcomed all of them into our home. He quickly learned how to go to each person individually and ask for a dog biscuit. It took us all awhile to figure out that he was getting about 10 biscuits a day ha ha.

Then the pandemic hit and all of a sudden Jasper had us with him all the time. He loved it! Near the end of 2020 we decided to sell everything and move into an RV as our full time home. Of course Jasper came along. He quickly learned that he was allowed on the couch and that when we traveled he had it all to himself. He even figured out how to sleep on the couch and lay his head on my shoulder while we drove along. In other words he was in doggy heaven.

Finally after a year of travel we made one last move to Raleigh and he quickly made our new apartment his home. As long as he was with us he was fine. The feeling went both ways I might add. In fact up until the last few months he would do five mile walks with us every day. I have had many great dogs over the years and not to take anything away from any one of them but Jasper was my once in a lifetime dog! I will forever be grateful that our paths crossed. My life would not be the same without his presence over the last 14 years. So if you are still reading this give your dog an extra hug, belly rub or a dog biscuit (Jasper’s Favorite!) in honor of Jasper!

Things he loved.

His people!

A good nap!

Food Glorious food! Every day Jasper was fed the exact same dry dog food for most of his life. Every day he would dance and spin in circles as I lowered the bowl! It was like I was giving him a 5 star meal every time.

Milk Bones! (See above.)


Traveling with us!

Sleeping on Dad and Joanne’s living room couch!

Things he disliked

Sometimes other dogs.

A visit to the vet.



Sidewalk grates in New York City. He would do whatever it took to avoid them.

Random Things

He had a Facebook page! You can see it here Jasper Miles.

We named our RV after him. You can see a short video of it by clicking here.




Hollywood Walk of Fame


School Field Trip


Crater Lake National Park


Somewhere USA


Big Bend National Park


Magnolia Beach, Texas


Great Sand Dunes National Park


Tent Camping Yellowstone National Park


Hanging out with Jennifer (One of his international sister’s)


Another National Park


Hearing the Call of the Wild / Badlands National Park


Kayaking with Rheagan


Southport, NC


Grand Canyon North Rim


The day we picked Jasper Up (Thanks Luke)


Topsail Beach


The Cottage at Topsail Beach (Thanks Adam)


Until we meet again!







22 thoughts on “Jasper Miles ?/2008 – 05/ 09/2022

  1. I’m so sorry for your loss. What a beautiful and loving tribute. I was deeply moved. Take care ❤️

  2. Oh, brother, I loved reading this…through the tears and all! I swear I even just smelled one of his “Big Mac attacks” about half way through the post!! Jasper was such a sweet, special dog, and he will be greatly missed and forever remembered.
    Peace and Love to you, Lyn and Jasper!

    1. Ha ha he could lay on a “Big Mac Attack” They were not always silent but always deadly! Thanks so much for keeping him for us from time to time over the years!

  3. I am so saddened by this news. Jasper was such a sweetie. I’m so thankful for the small amount of time we spent with him. You two were great doggie parents! I know that you are heartbroken. Our fur babies are the best and I’m loving on mine extra hard today. Love you guys!!! Janice

    1. Thanks Janice! Thank you for dog sitting for us that day and thanks for giving yours some extra love today!

  4. I am heartbroken for you reading this (through tears) and send warm vibes and hugs to help heal your hurting heart. My sister, Terry, loved Jasper and I am sure she has found him already. He will be REALLY spoiled by the time you meet again. Terry will see to that. My heart goes out to you and Lyn. 🫂💕

    1. You are right about Terry. She probably had him in her arms immediately. Our visit with her was special in so many ways!

  5. Oh Ben, what a lovely tribute to dear Jasper. I could tell just by seeing his pictures in your posts over the years what a great dog he was. Most of the time, I swear he was smiling. You and Lyn were lucky to have such a companion; and Jasper was lucky to have a family who gave him a lifetime of love and adventures. Jane 🌵⛺️🏔

    1. Thank you Jane. He meant so much to us! And you are right. He did know how to smile for the camera ha ha.

  6. He was so loved and I know you will miss him beyond anyone’s understanding. Your memories of him will surface over and over, smile and remember what a great companion he was. I never met him but felt I knew him through your posts and pictures. RIP Jasper

    1. Thanks Carolyn! You are right we will remember him often. We have been so surprised on how many people have followed his adventures.

  7. So sorry for your loss. It was a match made in heaven. It was interesting to see Jasper in all your travels.

  8. My heart is heavy to hear of Jasper’s passing. He belonged not only to Ben and Lyn, but all of BattleForest.
    His tribute was very touching and showed all the love
    he shared with you.

  9. Ben and Lyn – I am heartbroken for you both. I never met Jasper but through your Facebook posts I felt like I did. He was a great dog – and you two gave him a wonderful life. Thanks for sharing him with so many people!

    1. Thank you so much for the comment. I have been surprised how many people have been following his adventures with us. He was a special dog for sure.

  10. Our Dear Jasper,
    What a wonderful life you and your people have
    enjoyed! Never has there ever been a dog with
    more personality, the absolute love for life , AND
    especially your love for your parents Ben & Lyn!!

    We will never-ever forget you JASPER MILES!
    Love, Ann and David

    1. Thanks Mom and David! I was so glad he got to come to your house for Mothers day. He enjoyed the car ride and having a quarter pound cheeseburger for lunch with us. I think he also enjoyed passing gas and sending it every ones way ha ha!

  11. What a touching tribute! He sounds like the best dog, how lucky you all were to have each other!

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