Where were we?!?!?? Oh yes we popped right up in the middle of Chinatown about noon. There were people everywhere cool buildings, lots of little shops and of course all kinds of delicious looking food! The entire time Tessie had been talking to Lyn about Lyn’s favorite foods. We were all getting hungry. Lyn and I stopped by an ATM and Juanita and Tessie went ahead to get a table.

Once we caught up with Juanita and Tessie we learned that Tessie had already ordered all of food based on what Lyn had been telling her that she liked. In other words we had a lot of food coming. I went and bought the drinks which included three young coconuts and one Coke Zero. Well the first thing to come out was rice and then a large fish head curry, Ok this did not look to bad! But then the other food started coming out. Fish noodles soup, kway teow, and tiger prawn came out next. Finally they brought out so much food that we literally had to change tables to make room for all of the dishes. You can see a few of the dishes here!  You can see the food court here. We ate and we ate and then ate some more. It was all very good and coming from a waste not want not camp we decided to do take away and take the left overs with us. For a small charge they put it all in Tupperware and we were on our way! By now it was about 1:15 so we needed to head back to our hotel and check out. After several mrt rides we arrived back at the hotel just in time to check out of our room. Here is a short video on how to buy a mrt ticket. It is so easy. You can watch it here, and another one here. We took our bags and gave them to the front desk hold for us. They also said they would hold our lunch leftovers. Love love love this hotel. If you are ever in Singapore please consider the Hilton Garden Inn! 


The next stop was Lucky Plaza. In Singapore a lot of Filipino workers in are domestic workers and they usually have Sunday off. Lucky Plaza is to Filipinos what Little India is to people from India. It is their place to hang out to share time together. So especially on Sunday the mall is packed with Filipino overseas workers. Lyn was looking forward to going there and we were also planning on meeting more family and friends there. We decided to ride the bus and after about a 20 minute wait the bus we needed finally came. The bus was a double-decker and filled with nice cold air-conditioning! I was able to get a front seat on the second level and really enjoyed the view. We arrived about 15 minutes later. This place was happening! Very crowded and lots of hustle and bustle. We worked our way in and up and finally ended up in a cafe where we had coffee. Along the way we picked up a few of Lyn’s relatives who were there to see us. We had coffee and just hung out for a while and also met with friends that dropped by as well. Several times I ent out and explored while they were all catching up. It is the kind of place you could walk around for hours and just take it all in. Here is a video of just one cool thing I came across while I was exploring. You can view it here.

We caught up over the next several hours and then it was time to head back to the hotel to grab our stuff, take a shower and head out to the airport. We planned to eat at the airport. After we arrived at the hotel we got our luggage and headed to the 8th floor where the pool and showers were. Once we arrived we found a nice place for Tessie and Juanita to sit at while Lyn and I showered. It was so nice sitting by the pool that we decided to eat the leftovers from earlier in the day. So after we showered we had a fantastic picnic with delicious food and great company right next to the pool overlooking Little India. What more could we ask for. Finally it was time to go to the airport. Our great guides took us all the way there and gave us a great teary eyed send off. I cannot thank Tessie and Juanita enough for making this one of the best days on our trip. They were so much fun!! We will have to return again and this time we will not wait 7.5 years to do it. After Lyn and I got our tickets we went through immigration and headed into the airport. The airport in Singapore is like one big fancy mall so since we had several hours before our flight we just walked around and took it all in.




Random Pictures


Family and friends at Lucky Plaza!


This is the suitcase Lyn wanted to take on our trip!


Changi Airport


Free wine sampling at Changi Airport


Little India


Coffee time!


Goodbye Tessie and Juanita! Thanks for everything!

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